“I paint because I have to.
My mind and heart long for the release of spirit
that the simplest act of creating is."

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Bienvenidos. Welcome to my webpage and online gallery. Please note that there are four gallery pages --- lots of art to enjoy. All images are available for purchase either as original art, gyclee print on paper or canvas, or greeting cards. Contact me by phone at
(503) 515-3885 or by email at carmenrsonnes@yahoo.com.

I am a self-taught painter working in acrylic, collage, and mixed media. My style and my art have been called many things: Mexican, Latino, Tejano, Chicano, Tex-Mex, Mexican-American, contemporary, modern, woman-centered, figurative, and representational.
I suppose my work is some or all of these things. Basically, it is just what my heart and mind dream up. I am my art and my art is me. I am passionate about color and fascinated by Mexico.

Born and raised in Texas, I now live in Tucson, Arizona and Vancouver, Washington.
I draw my greatest inspiration from nature, memory, and Mexican culture and art.
My work almost always depicts Latino or Native American women. It is what comes naturally to me, like breathing or laughter.

email: carmenrsonnes@yahoo.com • phone at 503-515-3885

Welcome to the artist gallery of Carmen R Sonnes, portland oregon latino woman artists.

Carmen Rodriguez Sonnes is one of portland oregon contemporary woman artists. She works in contemporary latino oil painting and mixed media. she is among woman artists who show work in galleries in portland oregon, texas and washington state. Her work reflect contemporary latino art, mexican paintings, and latino oil paintings and are unique among portland oregon women artists. She produces a range of work including oregon latino art, Northwest Art, and work of Pacific Nortwest Artists and Latino Artists. Her oil paintings and mixed media work is shown among oregon women artists as well as vancouver washington latino woman artists.

Carmen Sonnes is not bashful when expressing  emotions with her use of intense and brilliant color in her paintings.  The viewer is first drawn to her images by emotional response.  Second is the sense of peering into both a  secret world and a warmly familiar one.  The musings, joys and sorrows, in short, the story of her life is what Carmen depicts in oil, acrylic, collage, and mixed media.  Her work on canvas and paper contain drama and verve yet at the same time a sense of stillness and subtlety.
The Latino spirit is vividly on display in her very contemporary  depiction of  women, family, and tradition because she renders it all in lush, vivid, and luminous color.  Nonetheless, her work captures the underlying dignity of the Latino, Hispanic, and Mexican people everywhere.  Thus her paintings resonate with the hallmark beauty and strength of Latinas yet encompass the universal experience of millions of women, immigrants, single mothers, farmworkers, working class, and bicultural citizens everywhere.
She is able to fuse and transform raw energetic color with faithful use of traditional icons, iconography, and imagery of all that is Latino, Hispanic, and paticularly Mexican.  Being a self-taught artist liberates her to experiment and search unselfconsciously for new ways of transforming a full palate of radiant color, saturate it with human feeling and meaning, and create a visual diary of a Mexican American female in the United States today. 
While her original work is priced modestly and very affordable, it is easily available in print and gyclee form. 

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